Allison Crowe performs songs of Ani DiFranco

"Ani is a huge inspiration to me. I see her as a model of what I'd like to do with my career and how I'd like to do it. She has succeeded commercially while maintaining her autonomy and integrity. I've been told her case is the exception, not the rule in today's music industry but what if it was the rule? How great would that be?"

~ Allison Crowe, interviewed by New Songs for Peace

32 Flavors (live)

32 Flavors lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe (click here)


Both Hands (live)

Both Hands lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe (click here)


Independence Day (live) - audio + video

<a href="">Independence Day by Allison Crowe</a>  

Independence Day lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe (click here)

Inspired by a post - "Mothers of the Folkworld" - on boyhowdy's 'Cover Lay Down' blog - a rare bootleg video is found here...

Allison Crowe, at the start of this century - on her first national headling tour across her home country of Canada.

Allison Crowe has continued to follow the independent path of Righteous Babe Ani DiFranco. DiFranco and her manager Scot Fisher have been guiding lights to Crowe and her team at Rubenesque Records Ltd.

"If you are disgustingly sincere and terribly diligent, there are ways for any serious artist to operate outside the corporate structure." ~ Ani DiFranco

Here be Allison performing Ani's "Independence Day" live at Roca Jack's coffeehouse, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This song has been captured, in higher fidelity, on the album "Live at Wood Hall". (Other Ani songs in Allison's repertoire include "32 Flavors" and "Both Hands".)

As with the vids of Allison Crowe covering Pearl Jam in Seattle, 2001 - may the honesty of this performance transcend the technical limitations of recording devices.

Happy Mother's Day!

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